Cathedral Sky:

Poems by Simon Lamb

It is the wish of wings to fly . . .

A beautiful sequence of poetry written by poet // performer // storyteller Simon Lamb, exploring the universal themes of discovery, acceptance, and what it is to be found, lost and found again. Cathedral Sky is Simon's first poetry pamphlet.

PLEASE NOTE: All of the poems in this sequence are recreated in Simon's newest release: When the Universe Creaks.

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28 pages 
Published: 08/11/2019 
ISBN: 978-1-9162749-0-7

An extract

O my gentle raider:

see the stones you've stolen in your shoes.

Did you leave any on the path?

Come, gouge them from your sole.

Prise each painful pebble from the grooves

and thumb their sharpest edges down.

Heap them here, all of them.

Ah, it seems you have a mountain too.

Ascend this rocky road you've built

and know each step is made

on top of all that came before you:

felled trees and broken wings as well.

Oh, how light you must feel

after setting down a mountainside.

Please, leave it here and journey on.

Ignore its cracking crust.

Pass by its bursting buds. Let go.

The mountain is no longer yours.

Concern yourself with now.

Spread your arms beneath the sanguine sky

and to the wild wind proclaim:

I came. I came.

Simon Lamb © 2019